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A sealed pellet stove with a rounded design, a ceramic and cast iron top and steel sides. The space required for installation is reduced thanks to the possibility of fitting a practical, top, coaxial flue gas outlet by which fumes are expelled and air is drawn in through a single tube.

Technical specifications

Dimensions WxDxH cm - Weight kg55 x 59 x 107 cm - 100 kg
Nominal Heat Output kW8.2
Rendement %91.7
Fuel hopper capacity kg
Hourly fuel consumption kg/h0.54 - 1.83
Flue gas outlet cm8
Energy ratingA+
Data sheet Consult


*these features may not be present on each version.

Removable ash pan

The product is provided with a large, removable ash pan for easy cleaning.

Electronic controls

All functions are controlled from a handy, touch-control digital display panel that also offer daily and weekly programming.

Air system

A fan-assisted system - that can be adjusted to various power settings – diffuses heat quickly throughout the room.

Connection Box

The Connection Box lets you control your stove’s functions from a special App on your smartphone, even when you are away from home.

Top flue gas outlet

The top flue gas outlet makes installation easier and takes up less room.

Sealed product

All the air needed to make the stove function can be drawn from outdoors, guaranteeing optimal safety. This technology is compatible with low energy consumption homes.


Connection Box

The Connection Box allows the control of a compliant Royal pellet-burning appliance by using the specific APP for smartphones.

Cleaning Kit

Complete kit to clean and take care of your Royal pellet stove, comprising:
1. 800 Watt ash vacuum cleaner with handle
2. Hepa filter
3. Double, self-extinguishing filter bag cover
4. Metal, plastic-coated hose with a set of attachments (round, metal suction pipe, flat suction pipe, adjustable brush, magnetic accessory for heat exchanger tube easy cleaning)
5. Specific ceramic glass detergent
6. Special glass cleaning sponge
7. Microfibre cloth to clean the stove’s outer surface
8. Flexible pipe cleaner for gas tubes
9. Utility gloves
10. Pellet scoop

Royal app
the warmth of your home is in your hands

The Royal App allows you to monitor and control your stove directly from your smartphone, wherever you are and at any time. You will be free to choose your comfort whenever it suits you and you will be able to control all the functions of your Royal stove from a distance. This app is handy, smart and easy to use and makes sure you always have a warm and cosy place to come home to.

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