Royal is the warmth of a fire.

The warmth of a family.

The warmth of home.

Royal is classic

An evergreen style that brings the warmth of tradition to today’s homes.

Royal is reliable

Technological innovation guarantees safe products with excellent performances.

Royal is user friendly

An evergreen style that brings the warmth of tradition to today’s homes. products that are easy to install and designed to be simple enough to be used by everyone.

The Royal range of products

This is the right choice for those who prefer an ecological heating system that exploits the performances of a practical and cost-effective fuel that is easy to find and stock up with. Air-heating stoves do not need to be connected to a plumbing system because the hot air produced quickly heats the room thanks to the fan. Some models even let you uniformly heat various rooms, offering the performances of a traditional heating system.

Ideal for any home, thanks to their hot water diffusion system the IDRO (hydronic) pellet stoves behave like real boilers, delivering high performances to small and large homes alike. By themselves or integrated into pre-existing systems, they deliver uniform heat throughout your home and can even provide domestic hot water. Our IDRO stoves boast high heat efficiencies and low emissions thanks to the use of pellets, a cost-effective and ecological fuel available anywhere and easy to stock up with.

The charm of a fire that enchants you with its natural beauty: the Royal wood-burning stoves are the perfect choice for those who love tradition and its ageless warmth. A timeless design paired with the guarantee of ideal heating and energy savings because it uses the most cost-effective fuel of all: wood.

Cooking in the best way tradition has to offer: range cookers with an oven and cooktop offer you the chance to prepare tasty dishes while heating the room. The pellet models meet practical requirements thanks to automatic pellet feed and the possibility of programming their functions.

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12kW - 14kW

The warmth of your home is in your hands


The Royal App allows you to monitor and control your stove directly from your smartphone, wherever you are and at any time.


You will be free to choose your comfort whenever it suits you and you will be able to control all the functions of your Royal stove from a distance.


This app is handy, smart and easy to use and makes sure you always have a warm and cosy place to come home to.

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