Air-heating pellet stoves, hydronic pellet stoves, wood-burning stoves, pellet and wood-burning range cookers. And all the accessories you need to rekindle a fire in your home.

An idea was born to us 60 years ago: to increase people’s quality of life by heating homes in the most natural way . We invest in innovation and research to create the ideal domestic climate, combining style with technology and comfort with safety.

12kW - 16kW - 19kW

Karyn idro

12kW - 14kW

Ideal for any home, thanks to their hot water diffusion system the IDRO (hydronic) pellet stoves behave like real boilers, delivering high performances to small and large homes alike. By themselves or integrated into pre-existing systems, they deliver uniform heat throughout your home and can even provide domestic hot water.

Our IDRO stoves boast high heat efficiencies and low emissions thanks to the use of pellets, a cost-effective and ecological fuel available anywhere and easy to stock up with.

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